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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Dr Jonathan Says: The Reason Behind!

Jonathan says:
at least, you know that the academics and industry are more than happy to see development in real-time Dirac video coding

Jonathan says:
I hope this will boost your energy in working harder for this project

Jonathan says:
I would like you to stay focus on building a good technical foundation before making any publication..

Jonathan says:
I would like to target a journal paper first, then follow with conference paper

Jonathan says:
the reason behind this is that, we should secure the contribution knowledge in journal domain, and then socialising our knowledge more with the community..

Jonathan says:
this is the right way to do it

Jonathan says:
promise me to work hard to produce your first journal paper

Jonathan says:
our target publisher is the IEEE Transaction for Circuits and Systems: Video Technology

Jonathan says:
boost up your technical skill both for PC programming (C/C++) and hardware programming

Jonathan says:
mostly importantly "Video Technology"
Believe into yourself and work harder and faster.
Pray to Allah. Appreciate all your supervisor trust.
I am on the training to be the best in this areas!

Satu Permulaan, Bukan Penghabisan...

To motivate me, it is a good start after 2 month here and my position paper was accepted in MRSC 2008 (Queen Belfast University).
But, to push me work harder - my supervisor asked me to put it aside and focus on the other BIG issues and do contribute on technical solutions.
Thanks Dr. Jonathan for being my SV
and always remind me to be the best in the world!

PhD Works: Algorithm, Architecture and Hexagonal Plot

Motion estimation(ME) is a part of components required in designing an efficient encoder. It's always the most complicated part of the system, and can absorb huge system resources and it also the computational most demanding algorithm for a video encoder (60 - 80%) of total computational time. Just imagine! how important the ME for video codec.

Basically, in this PhD works it can be divided into the following parts: Motion Estimation (ME), Motion Compensation (MC) (including search algorithm, cost calculation, mode decision, store/retrieve data, and signal and controlling and etc. - check your POS)
The following figure, respectively is the spectrum of issue for the ME algorithm and ME architecture in order to find the room of contribution in this area.

This is very interesting finding in terms of how to make a better comparison for any design. It is used to visualize the characteristics of ME hardware architectures. I need to explore it more, for better publication in future. Thanks for the paper author for your great ideas (Chen et al. 2006).

~May Allah help me. PhD is a journey of how to be a good Muslim~

Sunday, 10 February 2008

PhD Works - Dirac Decode and Encode Process

Decode - output

Encode - Output

Due to the security reason, I can only share the output video simulation after the CODEC processes using the Dirac Codec. Currently, I am working on the C++ codes for the Decode and Encode part, and hopefully I can come out with the flowchart or pseuodecode before it can be translated to either HDL (VHDL or Verilog) or Handel-C.

Low-Power Motion Estimation Processors for Mobile Video Application

I have to work hard, this is really a great ideas how to structure my thesis and report. Alhamdulillah.

Kenangan Semalam Episod 2

Lan dan Prop...Restoran Terapung Ikan Bakar

Jejaka BET yang bajet hensem...mana boleh lawan sifoo!

Bowling bersama geng2 orang tua

BET 07/08 - Selamat Maju Jaya

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Aku dan Jep di House of Parliment

Sepi angin kota London - Thames River & House of Parliment

London Eye...Tah bile gaknya dapat naik ek?

Kenduri Rumah Mahadi

Hidangan untuk kenduri rumah Mahadi (kenduri doa selamat Mahadi pindah rumah baru). Aku masak "Cendawan Black Papper" dengan "Sayur Cap Cai" untuk jamuan malam tu...Itu jek yg termampu...
Bacaan Yassin dan Tahlil
Kalau perasan, Restoran Semenchu dah agak senyap sekarang nie, sebab tengah mengerah idea untuk menhasilkan menu baru. Hehehe...ini antara yang baru la, sebab dah 2 bulan baru jumpa sawi Jepun@Pak Choi...Sedapnye