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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Dr Jonathan Says: The Reason Behind!

Jonathan says:
at least, you know that the academics and industry are more than happy to see development in real-time Dirac video coding

Jonathan says:
I hope this will boost your energy in working harder for this project

Jonathan says:
I would like you to stay focus on building a good technical foundation before making any publication..

Jonathan says:
I would like to target a journal paper first, then follow with conference paper

Jonathan says:
the reason behind this is that, we should secure the contribution knowledge in journal domain, and then socialising our knowledge more with the community..

Jonathan says:
this is the right way to do it

Jonathan says:
promise me to work hard to produce your first journal paper

Jonathan says:
our target publisher is the IEEE Transaction for Circuits and Systems: Video Technology

Jonathan says:
boost up your technical skill both for PC programming (C/C++) and hardware programming

Jonathan says:
mostly importantly "Video Technology"
Believe into yourself and work harder and faster.
Pray to Allah. Appreciate all your supervisor trust.
I am on the training to be the best in this areas!


Svartakatten said...

salam bro,
boleh aku dapat email ko? aku nak opinion ko sikit berkenaan kehidupan di uxbridge, aku dapat sambung phd kat sana gak oktober ni. harap dpt bagi pandangan, terima kasih.2

dinzzud said...

Salam en afandi.. ingat tak kat student en nie.. anyway best sngat dapat belajar ngan en dulu. Anyway hebar gak Dr Jonathan nie. Betul gak pe die cakap. En gud luck blajar kat sana. cepat2 la abiskan PHD tu.. balik sini ajar saya wat master lak.. heheh

jgan lupa lawat saya..

afandiahmad said... bole email saya atau YM dengan sy wkp_9952

afandiahmad said...

Thank din, sy insan biasa je