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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Rejected! Slow Progress! Less than 5% Knowledge!

"This paper has been rejected"
"9 month but very slow progress!"
"It appear that your knowledge is not even up to 5%!"

Tidak banyak yang dapat diulas, melainkan saat seperti ini benar-benar menguji ketabahan diri ini.


AyunasiA said...

sabar ek fendi. chaiyok! chaiyok!

Abahnajwa said...

Afandi Ahmad..

Life is a roller coaster..Some people perceive it as a suicidal attemp..But to the others it is a thrill and wonderful experience of a lifetime..

Enjoy the ride and you will sail through...Remember..This journey is a marathon ..not a race..and 5% knowledge acquired is better than NONE!