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Friday, 30 November 2007

Minutes 2 - 29 Nov. 07 (Howell Building)

Part A: Identify your research direction

  1. Multimedia broadcasting – Video compression
  2. Low power – CADENCE – available here – for any training/updates info check with Europractice (MIMOS in Malaysia – just check any potential collaboration)
  3. IP Block
  4. DiRac
    wavelet custom algorithm
    wavelet video based encoder and decoder
    complete solution
    BBC and open source community really appreciate it
  5. H264
    MPEG2 generation
    Standard using all over the world

Part B: Identify all the possible tools
CADENCE Virtuoso

Part C: Identify all the possible publisher to publish your finding
IEEE Transaction – Circuit Video Technology
IEEE Transaction – Circuit and System

Part D: Potential resources
IEEE Transaction – valid within Brunel campus
INSPEC – using Athens ID

To do:
Plan of 3 years study
Keep revising every 2 month

Dr. Jonathan wouldn’t be around 8 Dec – 4 Jan 2008

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