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Thursday, 22 May 2008

ResCon 2008

Insya Allah, penyelia telah bersetuju untuk mengambil bahagian dalam Pertandingan Poster Penyelidikan Tahun 1 PhD dalam ResCon 2008 (25 - 26 Jun 2008).

Mohon jasa baik semua pengunjung blog yang budiman agar memberikan komen untuk membolehkan penambahbaikan dibuat, memandangkan masa masih ada.

Kerjasama kalian didahului ucapan jutaan terima kasih.


F n N said...

overall, i do think tht the poster design is really2 nice but sumthin' is missing or probably,it's not missing, maybe needs some more adjustment,urmm probably in the arrangement of numbered points. Correct me if I'm wrong but I can see that you're trying to place them according to the space required by that numbered points,(I will use the same approach as well) but the thing is, I feel it's quite distracting as I have to find the next numbered points as they were placed not in a sequence order.
But,this is just a minor weakness.

afandiahmad said...

great comments, yeap maybe I need to make it clock wise to make it easy to read...