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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Summary 1 - Keep Reading ...Afandi

Video Compression and Communications Second Edition
L. Hanzo, P. J. Cherriman and J. Streit © 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd Data compression:
1940s - Shannon-Fano Coding 1952 - Huffman encoding
-important for (1) wireless telecommunication (2) multimedia systems
-why? Because bandwidth is valuable
-reduce the amount of info without impairing the quality
Research potential:
-Modern compression technique that involve with complex algorithm, but it need to be standardized for global compatibility and interworking
-The importance of data compression – because transmission or storage of every single bit is a cost.
Aim -removal the redundancy from the source signal
How? -reduce the number of binary bits required to represent the information contained within the source
How to achieve the best possible compression ratio?
-understand the nature of the source signal in its binary representation
-relate it with how was the humans interpret the information in the data
It requires the advancement of cost-efficient source-signal compression. If the source signals contain a substantial amount of redundancy à important to achieve a high compression ratio

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